3 Artists that Inspire me

As I was sitting here thinking of things I could post to my brand new blog, other than my own stuff I thought I would do a blog post about 3 artists who are inspiring me right now! I might do more like these later as I find new artists that inspire me!


First in the list is the great Jake Parker who has been a huge inspiration! His videos have been a true inspiration to me and when I am done watching them, they always make me want to go and draw! He makes it look so fun and that's the best part about drawing, it is fun! Jake Parker is the one that made me want to draw again! For the longest time I was doing a lot of vector work and graphic design but when I started watching his videos, he made me have a passion for drawing once more!

Mel Milton

Mel Milton is another artist that I really like! I am a huge fan of his pencil drawings and it inspires me to practice more. I love the different styles that he does! I love the ones that go towards cartoony/comic style as well as the more realistic style! This is another artist that inspires me to draw more! 

Dave Malan

I recently discovered this guys art on Pinterest and I love it! His style of portraits is exactly the kind of portraits that I want to draw. The way he shades is exactly how I want to shade portraits when I do them. I've never really been a big fan of drawings that look ultra realistic. I love seeing that pencil or pen line and his line work is superb! 



Well that wraps up this post for 3 artists that inspire me!  Hope you liked it and you go and check out more art by these three great artists! You won'e be disappointed!