I want to draw better portraits!

So I've been focusing on drawing portraits lately. More specifically, I've been practicing drawing portraits better and more accurately. I've always had trouble with hand drawn portraits but I love looking at other peoples drawn portraits and I really wish I could do as good a job as they do! It's a work in progress!

I've been using this video lately to help me get the basic construction of the head correct.

So far it's proven to be very helpful but I plan to go over it a few times until I sign up for more videos to watch and study! 

I plan to sign up to the online school called http://www.newmastersacademy.org/ to further my studies and perfect my portrait drawing skills! I can't wait to get to the drawing eyes video! 

Here are a few recent portraits I've done. Most of these are before I started watching this video. I am still working on that.

That's all for now! Gotta get back to practicing my skillz!