100 Stylized Portraits

I recently started a new project for myself. Artist Jake Parker made a video about a year ago called 100 Somethings and in it he talked about creating a project where you challenge yourself to create 100 images of something. The idea is that if you do 100 drawings of something than it will help you improve a lot. Plus it also looks good to have a completed a project like this. I my case I've decided to do 100 Stylized Portraits. So each drawing will be drawn in a different way or using a different medium. I am sure as I do them I'll have to experiment a lot! I think this will also help me develop a style for myself that I will continue to use well after I've completed it. I've just started this challenge. I did this portrait last night and I really like how it turned out. It's number 4 of 100.  Go to my Pinterest page to see all of them as I post them! 


Matt FontaineComment