It's been far too long since I've updated this blog! So here we go!

I've started focusing more on freelance work as I'd like to become a full time freelance illustrator and so as a result of that I've been busy working on freelance stuff. I signed an non disclosure agreement for one of my clients and so unfortunately that's a lot of work that I can't show or talk about and I have another project I've been working on that I hope to be able to show off soon!

I've also decided that I want to start doing more editorial illustrations because a lot of the artists I like do that kind of work and I've realized that a lot of my work lends itself to editorial work already. So I got postcards made that I plan to send out to magazines and news papers. Hoping to get those tomorrow! Until I get more editorial work I am thinking of doing some illustrations using articles from The New Yorker to add to my portfolio to show off what I can do! I plan to do a post next to showcase my main inspirations for Editorial illustrations right now. This is work that I aspire to and hope to one day be on the same level as professionally!

I've been doing a series of portraits I call 100 Stylized Portraits. I just did number 23 yesterday! 

OH and there's a chance I may be going back to school in September for 10 months! I got accepted into the Edmonton Digital Arts College for their Illustration and Sequential Art program.  Only problem is I can't get Student Loans! I've had plenty and I am still paying it off and they won't give me any new ones until I pay it off..so I am stuck looking for alternatives. Right now  my plan is if I can't get the finances sorted out then I'll start working part time freelance and have a part time job on the side and then quit the part time job when I start to get so busy with the freelance work that I can do it full time! Fingers crossed it all works out either way!

Here is some drawings I've done recently!