Back to SquareSpace!

Back to SquareSpace!

So I am using Square Space again. I used to use Square Space a few months ago but when I learned that Adobe Portfolio was included in a Creative Cloud membership I thought I'd give that  a try. I had a Creative Cloud account so I figured I could save a few bucks by trying out Adobe Portfolio. It was underwhelming. I mean it was easy to use and all but I found it pretty limiting in what I could create with it. I also recently learned that knowing how to use Square Space is a valuable skill for a freelancer such as myself to use. So I want to familiarize myself again with Square Space. It's been a few months since I've used it so I plan to refresh my memory. If a company comes to me and asks me to do a Square Space job for them I want to make sure it's something I can do comfortably! 

I've been jumping back and forth from blog to blog these last few months. From Tumblr to SquareSpace, back to Tumblr  and now back to Square Space! It's hard to build up a following when I am constantly blog jumping! So I am gonna stop that I think and stick to this one. I like how the blog feature in Square Space works anyways. It's super easy to use! 

So if anyone is just looking at this blog, they will notice that the last post was in September! If you want to see what you've missed, you can go check out my Tumblr Blog. I will still probably post pictures there from time to time as it's still connected to my Instagram account. 

I've begun freelancing! I started a few months ago and so far it's been working out pretty good! I feel that I have the skills and the ambition to be a very successful freelance graphic designer and illustrator. Just gotta keep at it. If I keep at it, I will keep getting work and I'll will keep getting better and better! 

One more thing before I end this blog post. Here is a digital drawing I did last night! It's a cute dog!