I am getting into Photography!

So I've decided to get into photography! Why? Well it's something I've always been interested in and I've decided I want to add another skill to my skillset so that I will have more to offer potential clients or companies who want to hire me full time. For now I am going to practice it and get to know how to use a camera and take as many pictures as I can while still doing my freelance graphic design and illustrations!  So yah, if you saw that new photography section on my website, this is why. Also I did a quick little redesign of my website too! New Branding too! I decided I wanted something nice and simple.

I ordered the Canon T6I and I am expecting to get it this Friday! Once I have the battery charged my first shots will most likely be of stuff inside my apartment and a fan. I want to experiment with the camera so that I can really understand how apeture and shutterspeeds work. Depth of field here I come!  After I've had a chance to play around with the settings of the camera and have a good feel for it, then I'll probably head out and start taking photos!  I'll be taking pictures of pretty much everything. And I'd like to get into doing portraits too a little down the road! 

Check out my new instagram account I made just for photography!

Matt Fontaine Photography