At Matt Fontaine Creative I offer a wide range of services. I do illustrations, logo design and offer a variety of graphic design services, from posters, ads and flyers to brochures or images for your blog or social media.  I also have years of experience tinkering around with SquareSpace and can work with you on your own custom website! Need social media advice? I have plenty of experience in that field too



Over the years I have been working on improving my illustration skills. I can offer to do editorial illustrations, cover or spot illustrations and I also can do illustrations for your blog or online newspaper. I have a keen eye for composition and can make any arrangement of elements look great!


Creative Design

I prefer the term creative design over graphic design because I feel it better describes this field. When it comes to graphic design, the most important part is the creative and that's really what graphic design is all about. I can offer to do logos, ads, flyers and posters. I have plenty of experience working with typography and create any kind of typographic design you might have in mind. Do you want someone to do images for your blog or social media? I can do that as well! I have all of the software needed to create stunning and creative designs! Whatever you require, I can create it!


Avatar Portraits 

Recently I started to offer a service where I create avatar portraits for you or your team. Want to create new and fun portraits of your team for your website? I can do that! Please check out my avatar portrait section to see all of the ones I've created!

Right now my rate for these portraits is $100 a head but that price can be negotiated depending on the number of portraits required.